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Guardian Angel Candle
A finely-detailed rendition of the guardian angel theme is presented in this dual-wick candle which is lightly tinted and masterfully cast to represent a fine stone sculpture. 6 ¾"H. $17.95
Kuan Yin Candle
The goddess Kuan Yin is represented resting on a lotus blossom in this long-burning candle which is lightly colored to enhance the fine detailing. 10 ½"H. $14.95
Buddha Candle
Crafted with a glowing silvery finish, this Buddha rests on a lotus blossom and is an extraordinary candle for your collection. 7 ¾"H. $14.95
Lighthouse Candle
This authentically style lighthouse is actually a candle in disguise. 6 ¾"H. $7.95
Lighthouse Candle
This lighthouse candle boasts fine details and hand painting. 6 ¼"H. $7.95
Dragon Candle
This brightly colored dragon is really a finely-detailed candle. A fine example of the candlemaker's art. 5"H. $8.95